You can create a button to toggle several entities in Home Assistant. A toggle helper is really useful as it is an entity that can be toggled from automations and UI.

Example usages:
– Movie mode – Turn off living room lights and turn LEDs behind the tv.
– Bedtime mode – turn off all the lights and turn on the AC
– Leaving home – turn off all the lights
– Entering home – turn on several lights
Just anything you can think of actually, those was just a few ideas.

The way to make a Toggle helper is really simple.
You need to go to Configuration -> Helpers, then add new – and select a toggle.

Name your new toggle (you can give it an icon too.)
It will be available on the helpers list once created – remember the Entity Id which in this case is input_boolean.bedtime

Now, we need to create a new automation for toggling that entity.
We do that by going to Configuration -> Automations -> Add new.
Create your triggers – it can be a click on a wireless button for example.
Then, in the Actions section – make the action type – call service – input_boolean.toggle. Targets will be the entity that we’ve created.

Save the automation.
We now have an automation that just toggles this toggle entity.
We need to create two more automations – one for when the toggle is on, and one for off – which will have the actual toggling of the automations.

Create a new automation, and create a state trigger. Select our newly created entity.
This automation will now be triggered based on this input boolean state.

Now you can add your lights in the actions section.
After that – save this automation and create one more with the same settings – but this time that turns off the lights or does other stuff.

Have fun!