Wavlink HDD Docking Station USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Case Dual Bay 2x16TB 3.5″2.5″SATA Offline Clone Laptop Windows Mac

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Wavlink Dual Bay Hard Drive Docking Station, USB 3.0 to SATA I/II/III Tool-Free External Hard Drive Lay-Flat Dock for 2.5/3.5inch HDD/SSD with Hard Drive Duplicator/Offline Clone Function/1 USB A to USB C Converter, Support UASP and 2x16TB with 12V/3A Power Adapter




1. Support maximun capacity up to 2x16TB.

2. Support UASP accelerated transfer protocol.
3. Automatic replication of HDD or SSD (clones from Source Disk A to Target Disk B) at a click of the button.
4. Use the dedicated DC power adapter certified by PSE.
5. Plug and play. No software, drivers or complicated installation required.
Instructions on How to Connect the Dock to the Computer:
1). Please unplug the DC power adapter to make sure that the power is off before starting.
2). Insert HDDs/SSDs into the slots vertically and slowly until them stick.(One HDD/SSD is also supported)
3). Connect the power adapter and turn the “ON-OFF” switch on.
4). Connect the USB cable to the computer then you can use it as your computer’s external hard drive.

How to Operate Offline Clone Function:
ѧ Please unplug the DC power adapter to make sure that the power is off before starting.
ѧ Insert Source Disk into hard drive bay A, then insert Target Disk into hard drive bay B.
ѧ Make sure the USB cable is disconnected from computer.
ѧ Connect the power adapter and turn the”ON-OFF” switch on.
ѧ Hold the CLONE button for about 3 seconds, when all leds turn on, the clone progress will start.
ѧ Four lights (25%, 50%, 75%, 100% ) will turn solid blue when the cloning process is completed.
ѧ Finally turn the “ON-OFF” switch off, disconnect the power adapter and eject your drives.
Tips for Offline Clone:
– The capacity of target disk must be larger than the source disk.
– Please confirm that your source drive and target drive can both work properly.
– Please connect the 12V power adapter to ensure a stable power supply for transmission.
– To avoid data transfer errors, overheating and damage to the device, please make sure that there are no faulty driver cells.
– To avoid data loss, do not remove or insert drives when one drive is working in the docking station. Please power off the dock before removing.
– Please confirm the target drive have no data. If you have existing data on the target drive, the cloning process will eliminate your target drive’s data. Because the target drive will be cloned to be the same as the source drive, partition, format and data are the same too.