HACS (Home Assistant community store) is an add-on for HA, allowing you to add community-created add-ons with a click of a button, browse for more add-ons and keep it updated.


How to install HACS?

Step 1

  • Connect through SSH console to your machine
  • Go to HACS download section on it’s website – https://hacs.xyz/docs/setup/download
  • Follow the steps on that page; 
  •  You need to run the following command through SSH:
    wget -O - https://get.hacs.xyz | bash -

Step 2

Clear your browser cache! your can do it by clicking CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+R keys simultaneously. 

Step 3

Go to configurations -> Integrations

Add a new integration and search for HACS:


Accept the usage terms and continue.

Step 4

You need to configure GitHub Authentication – it’s for HACS to be able to pull all of the add-ons libraries from GitHub. Do not close this window:


Copy the code in the gray frame – and go to https://github.com/login/device
If you are not already registered to github, you will need to have an account in order to complete this step.

After You’ve logged in and entered the code, you will be shown the following screen:


Authorize hacs and go back to HA.

Click submit on the window that is already open.

You are now done and should be able to see HACS on the sidebar. IF not – refresh your cache, restart HA.