By using DuckDNS, you can reach you Home Assistant instance from outside your network – instead of using http://homeassistant.local:8123 you can use from anywhere.
Using a static IP costs more, but this method is absolutely free!

This guide assumes you are using Home Assistant Supervised.
Let’s get started;

  • First, go into your HA Supervisor
  • Click on “Add-on store”
  • Click on DuckDNS
  • Click Install.

Wait until the installation is done and let’s configure it.

You need to go to, sign up and create your new subdomain.

Look up and you will find your API key. This key needs to be updated in the add-on configuration.
Go to the configuration tab, and paste it on the api_key row after the “:”

Now comes the tricky part – if your router has a firewall (and it should!!!) You need to open the homeassistant port to the outside world, so you will be able to access it outside of your local network.
There are many router configurations so generally, you will need to “open ports” section or similar on your router settings (which is most commonly and route the port 8123(inner) to 8123(outer).

Basically, that’s all you need and you’re home assistant is good to go.
Restart/Start the ad-on – If you’ve set it up correctly, you will be able to access your home assistant from your custom subdomain on! Just remember you have to add the port to your local installation which is 8123 by default – so the address will be